Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sri lanka rape murder

The UN Special Rapporteur highlighted the case of Sarathambal Saravanbavananthakurukal, a 29-year-old Tamil woman who had been reportedly gang raped and then killed by The Sri Lankan Navy soldiers in Pungudutivu, near Jaffna. She observed that despite an order by the President of Sri Lanka to immediately investigate the events, it was reported that "very little [was] being done to pursue the matter".

Sarathambal Saravanbavananthakurukal had been abducted from her home, situated at about 500m from a navy camp. Her father and brother were tied up by four security officers dressed in black. Her dead body was found on barren land about 100m away from their home the next day.

After public protest, her body was sent to Colombo for post-mortem by a senior JMO who indicated that the cause of death was "asphyxia due to gagging"; that her underpants had been stuffed inside her mouth; and that "forcible sexual intercourse" had taken place.

The father and brother were allegedly threatened not to reveal the identity of the four men who came to the house.


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  11. 800 young men and women gone missing from 1996 to 2000 in Jaffna peninsula after arrest by government armed forces still remains unknown.

    Human Rights Commission (HRC) Jaffna officials are attempting to close the files of persons reported missing in the period after 11 August 2006 claiming that the missing persons had gone abroad

    What a joke ?

    Arrested by the Sri Lankan Military and the "missing" than went abroad ?

    Without telling their relatives and never call or write them from abroad ?

    Should we be looking in the mass graves !!!!

  12. I heard the following news from callers from a Tamil Radio:

    Sri Lankan Army has settled many homeless Sinhalese beggars, criminals, rapists, murderers and thugs in abandon Tamils’ houses in Thunukkaai area. A caller to the Tamil Radio told that the Tamils who went back to this area are forced at gun point by Sri Lankan army serve them cook, do laundry and clean without pay to these Singhalese people. Women forced to provide a voluntary sexual services if they refuse their food rations will be withdrawn or their children will be killed. Army do not allow the outsiders or any journalists in this area, so this news is hidden from outside world.

    We need to encourage the Ceylon Tamils to tell the truth, anonymously of course.

  13. Government to block internet in Sri Lanka

    The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission is in the process of formulating regulations to be imposed on news websites.

    Chinese military intelligence specialists have reportedly been approached to formulate these firewalls.

    Sources from TRC said several Chinese specialists are to visit the country during the next few weeks for this purpose.

  14. WHY Fonseka Arrested?

    (1) To neutralize people’s voice and divert attention of people from Election Vote Rigging issue.

    (2) Govt may think that they can easily win General Election if General Fonseka is not on the scene.

    However we now have Dictatorship, Killings by Ruling party supporters are everywhere.

    Election result is not a true representation.

    Time has come for International Communities to Intervene because

    Srilankan’s opposition cannot raise concerns or talk because they will get death threats.

  15. Why SR is any different from others.

    When Sri Lanka arrested innocent people, silenced the voices of media, openly gun down MP’S, journalists you guys never upset.

    The general is getting his own medicine from his King and his Knights.

    They had a list drawn and according to that they removed people from public life.

    This General and his men contributed to that in the past.

    When he was out from power from grace to disgrace you now realize you are not different from others.

    Let us now face the facts.

    At least now the disgraced UN Ban ki Moon and others Nations would realize the plight of the Tamils in the hands of Sri Lankan butchers.

    When they slaughtered innocent Tamils and Singhalese you never protested. Why now?….

    At least now all the people loving peace must realize that depriving rights of others will not take you any further.

    Only solution to this is get rid of the constitution, draft a new constitution with equal rights to all citizens otherwise you all will go and remain in hell.

  16. The emergency has been extended and will continue to be so extended for many years under one pretext or other, unless the opposition geta majority in the parliamentary election, enabling the iron fist of the totalitarian regime controlled it seems by the armed forces,to continue the suppression of civil liberties and oppression of tamils making their lives miserable.

  17. Gordon Weiss says between 10,000 and 40,000 civilians died during the 2009 final battles in Sri Lanka North-East.

    Sri Lankan Government had deliberately underestimated the number of trapped civilians “as a ploy to allow the Army to Kill the Tamils.”

    Gordon Weiss, the Resident United Nations representative in Colombo who was summoned by the Government of Sri Lanka and later made to leave the country last year for commenting about a civilian “bloodbath” has given several interviews to Australian media recently.

    Gordon Weiss says that after the war ended, a senior civil servant openly admitted that the authorities had deliberately underestimated the number of trapped civilians “as a ploy to allow the government to get on with its business.

  18. Gordon Weiss

    Thank you.

    I really appreciate, your honesty.

    I ponder why UN and (even) USA ambassador.

    Why do they delay telling truth

    Tamil are aware that civilian trapped in the conflict Zone was about 300,000.

    Death could be much higher than 40,000.

    Many Tamils who were buried alive estimated, to be several thousand ( may be even 10,000).

  19. There is no reason for Tamils to shed any tears for the man responsible for the murder of thousands of fellow Tamils.

    Tamils need to think strategically.

    Maybe it is a good thing that Fonseka, a former member of the Sinhala nationalist Rajapaksa regime is out of the picture. This will free the Tamil leadership on the ground, the TNA to forge real alliances with Sinhala liberals, true leftists and Muslims.

    If the enemies of the Tamils are fighting with each other, Tamils should step back and let it happen.

    Whoever is the winner will be in a weakened position.

  20. I don’t need to come and see Sri Lanka. I have seen enough photos, videos and even satellite images of the atrocities that are still being committed by your armed forces. What is happening to one of your Generals, is an eye opener for many in the West. If your government is treating a Sinhala War hero like this, I can imagine the state of the Tamils. Just to let you know that I have great respect for the Sinhala people and I am not showing any special favour to the Tamils.

    Some have mentioned here that North East of the country was part of the Sinhala Kingdom. This is a complete lie. There was no Sinhala in Sri Lanka before 300BC but there were Tamils in Sri Lanka even before that.Sinhala language has 4000 borrowed words from Tamil.

    Sinhala people are neither inferior nor superior to the Tamils. Just because you are the majority, it doesn’t prove that the country belongs to you. Whites are the majority in Australia but they are not the original inhabitants of the land.Some Sinhalese claim that you are the descendants of Arians so how can you be the inhabitants of this south county. No matter who came first, all the people in Sri Lanka should be treated equal.

    Many Sinahlese believe everything written on Mahavamsa which is a book with full of myths and fantasies. This book claims that you all descended from a lion and this cannot be true.

  21. Up to 40,000 Tamils killed in Sri Lanka war UN official claimed.

    The UN protested strongly about the number of Tamil civilians caught up in the fighting.

    Now, Gordon Weiss, who until the end of last year was the UN’s spokesman in Colombo, said

    “A lot of civilians died inside the siege zone. I have heard anything between ten and forty thousand people and that’s from reliable sources who had a presence inside the zone.

    [The Sri Lankan authorities] repeated a number of things that were either intentionally misleading or were lies.

    One senior government civil servant remarked at the end of the war that the government insistence that the figures were very low was a ploy.

    It was a ploy to allow the government to get on with its business.”

    Precisely how many civilians were injured or wounded as Sri Lankan forces defeated the remnant of the LTTE fighters making a final stand in the north east of Sri Lanka, may never be known.

    In the interview, the former spokesman also suggested there was a need to investigate allegations of possible war crimes.

    While there have been widespread calls for such an inquiry, including from some senior figures within the UN, the Sri Lankan authorities have refused such an undertaking.

    “I will not allow any investigation by the United Nations or any other country.

    There is nothing wrong happening in this country?Take it from me, we will not allow any investigation,” Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the country’s defence secretary and brother of the president, recently told an interviewer.

    Indeed, the purported readiness of former army chief Sarath Fonseka to cooperate with such an inquiry has been cited by the government as one of the reasons he was arrested and placed in detention and will likely be placed before a court-martial.

  22. Velu , up to 40,000 Tamils killed in Sri Lanka war?

    I doubt, the Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapakse and his brothers will ever be brought to justice, because they have the support of China, Russia, India and many other autocratic countries to avenge any dissenters without fearing for any consequence.

    Even the UN turns a blind eye because its Chief of Staff in charge of Si Lankan affairs is favourable as his brother is an adviser to the government.

    All that the democratic countries can do and have been doing is to make statements of ‘concern’ to the unabated human rights abuses and war crimes against the minorities especially Tamils and independent journalists.

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