Monday, March 22, 2010

State Terrorism and Absolute Animalism

In the early months of 2009 year, after heavy shelling and artillery attacks in civilian-populated areas in the Wanni, thousands of people had surrendered themselves to the Sri Lanka army in the absence of any alternative to being bombed to death in their homes.

Many of these people had been butchered like cattle, with women raped in army bunkers and then killed. At the time these atrocities began to take place the Human Rights Groups raised the alarm to both civilians and the international community. Civilians were warned about the possibility of being extra-judicially slaughtered by the soldiers of the Sri Lankan army and the message was conveyed to the international community through the media network. The international community turned a (deliberate) blind eye to these incidents, and instead demanded evidence for these supposed massacres, even when it was well aware the Sri Lankan government wasn’t allowing any independent journalists into the war zone.

Now, however, the occurrence and utter brutality of these massacres has been proved beyond any doubt by the Human Rights Groups, with the Sri Lankan military being forced to make some farcical statements in an attempt to cover up their now-exposed tendencies to murder and animalism

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